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La Vila Joiosa

Villajoyosa has something special that makes all those who visit want to return. The light of a Mediterranean locality, the configuration of the old town, with its small streets that reminisce of the past, its houses close to the port painted in the purest of Mediterranean styles, in bright luminous colours, are the biggest attractions for tourists. Besides which the town enjoys an excellent climate, thatmakes it a recommended destination any time of the year.

On the South of Villajoyosa we have this rocky and gravel cove, with a length of 580 meters where you can be accompanied by your dogs. They can run and swim to your liking, without disturbing anyone because it is a dogfriendly and very calm beach, without crowds and perfect to relax afternoon. In addition its conditions allow to see a wonderful sunset. The biggest problem is that access roads are not indicated, so you have to go with a prior idea of ​​your location.