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Benidorm first smart tourist destination

"Do smart tourist really work? the case of Benidorm"

Francisco Femenia Serra & Josep A. Ivars Baidal from the University Institute of Tourism Research, at the University of Alicante have published an article "Do smart tourist really work? The case of Benidorm" published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, where they are echoed of the benefits of being a smart tourist destination, using the case of Benidorm.

In summary, the results of the research show that thanks to its DTI project and its smart solutions, Benidorm has managed to improve several aspects of its tourism management, including: 1) Greater knowledge of demand from big data; 2) More efficient marketing; 3) Better internal coordination; 4) Greater public-private collaboration for the promotion of innovation; 5) A repositioning of the image of the destination among professionals.

In addition, the results show that the DTI has positive effects on the experience of tourists who use technological solutions on issues such as: obtaining information, making decisions, navigation at destination, sharing experiences or saving time and effort, among others.

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 Benidorm first smart tourist destination

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01/01/2019 al 31/12/2019