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The 'Buenas noches Benidorm, buenas noches España' of the Song Festival is heard again 60 years later

The 60th anniversary exhibition of the music competition can now be visited at the Boca del Calvari

The 'Buenas noches Benidorm, buenas noches España' of the Song Festival is heard again 60 years later

The exhibition of the 60th anniversary of the Benidorm Song Festival opened its doors yesterday in an event that recalled and endorsed the original "Buenas noches Benidorm, buenas noches España" which opened the first edition in 1959.

At the opening ceremony tribute was paid to the people of Benidorm for their commitment to the continued success of the festival, and also especially to composers, musicians, arrangers, lyricists and performers who sought with each strophe and each note the rhythm necessary to climb step by step to the top.

Regarding the exhibition that reviews the 39 editions of the Festival, the people who made possible the birth of Benidorm were honored , especially who was mayor in those years, Pedro Zaragoza, precursor "of tourist marketing" before whom we must take our hats off. Finally, with the "Buenas noches Benidorm, buenas noches España", the exhibition was inaugurated.
When entering the exhibition, visitors will feel like stars living the same as the artists of that time. There you will find posters, records and different samples of what was the Festival, as well as tickets, documents and comics.

As a complement, the Department of Historical Heritage has made available to visitors an application for Android mobile devices that can be downloaded for free from Google Play. With this 'app', of augmented reality, using the camera of their smart phones, users can access multimedia content (music, video, posters, curiosities) that complements the information displayed in the museum.

The aim of the exhibition is that the visitor can move to the golden years of the Song Festival and enjoy what it was and the importance it had for Benidorm.