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Benidorm offers the first public service of intelligent tourist health care for the elderly

The pilot programme will be tested with Dutch tourists in the winter season, after which it will be evaluated for application to other nationalities

Benidorm offers the first public service of intelligent tourist health care for the elderly

Yesterday morning was presented the innovative project piloted by the Foundation Visit Benidorm that through the Consultant Wellcomtour has developed an initiative of Protection and Technical Smart Tourist Attention, PATTI, aimed at providing assistance to tourists with special needs, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, giving immediate response to any contingency that may arise during your stay in Benidorm.

It is highlighted as an "example of public-private partnership in assistance that is launched" with this project, which was born with a pilot initiative "in a very interesting market and will serve to evaluate its subsequent implementation. PATTI, the Smart Technical Tourist Protection and Attention initiative, will be presented at the 50Plus Beurs fair, which specialises in Senior Travellers and will be held in Utrecht (Holland) between 17 and 21 September.

PATTI is a comprehensive care plan with technical support that Benidorm will offer as an added value to those who do not want to give up enjoying their holidays for reasons of age or lack of mobility. At the same time this will serve to reduce the referral to public health system by people who have a private insurance.

The essence of PATTI is an electronic device with geolocator and intercom with an SOS emergency button, that is provided and has sensor for falls and emergency situations that monitors the user allowing to know their needs, improve procedures and activate protocols for action and communication in their language of origin, which positions Benidorm with innovative technology in the reception of tourists with special needs. The device can be ordered through the webpage of, and, receiving it upon arrival at the airport or accommodation.

In case of incidence, through PATTI the problem is managed, ambulance service is sent, the person is transferred to the reference hospital and at the same time, the necessary data are derived for a more efficient assistance, which will reduce waiting times and the attention will be immediate and personalized.

Oscar Nomberla (Wellcomtour), thanked the effort of Visit Benidorm to launch the initiative of emergency action with the tourist, noting that this pilot program "will be developed for six months" after the Dutch fair, and "during the summer of 2020 will be evaluated and updated to apply it, next fall, to new markets. With the one hundred devices initially programmed, one thousand two hundred tourists will be served in the pilot period in "a commitment to quality for quality tourism".

Angel Gomez, CEO of IMED Levante, stressed the effort involved in this pioneering initiative that will position Benidorm for the Senior tourist "as a safe destination and with the best complementary services that make us different and unique. He defined the project as "complicated and complex" but that places us as "leaders in innovation for an increasingly demanding customer.

PATTI is a public service offered by Benidorm through the TTOO, a unique project in Europe with which Benidorm emphasizes its safety in health as a key to those tourists with diseases who want to enjoy their holidays in Benidorm.