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Benidorm sets up a new Senior Exercise Park in the Séquia Mare Park

The improvements in one of Benidorm's "lungs" will continue with the construction of a youth hostel

Benidorm sets up a new Senior Exercise Park in the Séquia Mare Park

Benidorm has installed a new senior exercise area in the Séquia Mare Park, compossed by seven apparatuses designed especially for the elderly. Its use improves the general condition of articulations and strengthens the muscles.

The Séquia Mare Park is one of Benidorm's green lungs, that each day is filled with people of all ages. It has a skatepark, plenty of space to ride a bike or go for a jog, and now it will also include a senior exercise area plus a recreation area with some benches.

Soon, Benidorm will also be building in the Séquia Mare Park a youth hostel, which will have a camping area of 14,000 metres. The hostel will have a capacity for around 50 or 60 people, with rooms from 8 to 20 youngsters, and all the necessary facilities.

In addition, the same area will be incorporating an interpretation centre which will be destined to explain the traditional Marina Baixa uses and customs and therefore honour the Séquia Mare, which was actually a hydraulic system that was key in the development of every town in the region.

Benidorm will continue to carry through the installing of more senior exercise parks around the whole city, so the elderly feel comfortable in their home town as well as being able to do exercise in all of these different spots.

Senior Exercise Parks in Benidorm

Currently, Benidorm has 20 senior exercise parks available for everyone:

  • Pajares Street (La Cala Park)

  • Benissa Avenue (Benissa Playground)
  • Secretario Juan A. Baldovi Street
  • Villajoyosa Avenue
  • Vicente Llorca Alós Avenue (Tamarindos Promenade)
  • Venezuela Avenue
  • Foietes Park (two, at the top and at the bottom)
  • España Square
  • Elche Park
  • Park of l’Aigüera (two, at the top and at the bottom)
  • Europa Avenue
  • Beniardà Avenue
  • Rincón de Loix Urban Park
  • Antonio López Guerrero Sport facilities
  • Presidente Adolfo Suárez Street
  • Italia and Andalucía Streets
  • Velzázquez Street
  • Séquia Mare Park