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The International Organ Festival returns to Benidorm

The free concerts will take place in the parish church of Sant Jaume i Santa Anna

The International Organ Festival returns to Benidorm

The Parrish of Sant Jaume i Santa Anna will host for the ninth time the Benidorm's International Organ Festival which will offer four concerts, one each month in September, October, November and December.

The ninth edition of the Benidorm International Organ Festival, FIOB, will start next Saturday the 4th of September.

The tickets are free, although limited to the capacity established by the health authorities.

The first of the recitals will be on the 4th of September, at 9:00 pm, with organist Javier Artigas and the oboists José Antonio Gonzaga and Pedro Cusac.

The second event of the festival will be on the 29th of October, at 8:00 pm, with Brice Montagnoux on the organ and the clarinettist Eva Villegas.

On the 26th of November, Alberto Mammarella will perform solo on the keyboards of the liturgical organ at 8:00 pm.

Finally, on the 18th of December at 8:00 pm, organist Benantzi Bilbao will perform the last of the concerts, accompanied by soprano Pepi Lloret.