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Benidorm jumps into the Metaverse

The Spanish company SIX3D creates and presents the pilot project aimed at promote Benidorm as tourist destination in the Metaverse, mainly focused on Generation Alpha and Generation Z.

Benidorm jumps into the Metaverse

The pandemic has brought with it a digital revolution. The new traveler now isalso more digital, more foresighted and is looking for inspiration digitally andvirtually. Travel restrictions around the world have also brought severalchanges in tourism trends and the way that the travellers get touristinformation.

That is why today we present Benidorm Land in the new SIX3D Metaversewhere Benidorm will continue promoting the destination in tourism targeted ata digitalised public in the “gamer” field with future possibilities of expanding toa wider target. This is a pilot project between SIX3D and Benidorm, and thisis a trial version of concept for a future application and a window ofopportunities.

But what is the Metaverse? It is an immersive virtual reality version of the Internet, where people are able to interact with digital objects and their ownavatars. it’s a virtual world.The presence in this parallel virtual world is a show-case of the destination,like a website (a well known term), that allows to the users to wander throughits streets, and in the future even explore theme and adventure parks, hotels,restaurants...The explosion in the field of information and communications technology withthe appearance of many new technological platforms, such as the Metaverse,requires that tourist destinations and companies constantly innovate, to keepup with new trends.

Innovation in the tourist promotion of Benidorm has been part of its DNAsince the times of Pedro Zaragoza, and undoubtedly tourist intelligence in thefield of Smart Tourist Destination, with active monitoring of trends, has led usto continue this way, and again by hand of the Spanish talent. The SIX3Dteam has been the perfect tandem to develop “Benidorm Land” gradually.

Benidorm Land will allow to broaden the experience previous to the trip, in animmersive way that we are now developing through the website and socialmedia.

It is an interesting way to inspire and emote with the future trip, toknow Benidorm before traveling here, to know how it is, if it corresponds with
your needs, to learn more about the place you are going to… Walk, fly overthe Castell, go down the stairs to the round little square (Replaceta) and seeit even from the sea (where only a drone could take you to thiscontemplation). And this virtual space only requires a computer or virtualreality glasses, technologies that now are so reachable for us.

The aim of this project is to create more unique and full experiences for theconsumers that every day become more and more digital.It will be possible to bring a reference in tourism such as Benidorm to the GenAlpha and Gen Z and turn todaday the young gamers into tourists of the future. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT AN OPPORTUNITY TO REACH OVER 140MILLION USERS ON STEAM, the gaming platform where the SIX3DMetaverse will launch in May.

Any smart destination strategy should consider to start using this digitalspace, even if it serves only in these first steps to inspire users to visit and toreturn to the tourist destination, but first of all to be adjusted to the newsituation that the future is bringing us.