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Cameron James

Cameron has always liked to sing, but he hasn’t always been doing it full time. He used to be a teacher, and even though he’s always combined his proper jobs with singing, he wasn’t happy with how things were going in the education field so he finally decided to drop out and start singing professionally. Since then he's worked all over Europe as a performer, doing different seasons in different places, and used to come to Benidorm on holiday. But he’s always wanted to move over here to retire, so eventually that’s what he did.

Before he came to Benidorm, the only tribute related work he had done was a 20 minute cameo interpreting Robbie Williams in one of his shows in Ibiza that he was asked to do. But when he saw that Benidorm’s entertainment scene was mainly focused on tributes, he put together a full tribute act to Robbie Williams, as well as looking for other ones he could do. Since then he’s got loads of different shows that include a tribute to Erasure, a tribute to Bay City Rollers, a soul and motown show, an 80’s show, a comedy vocal show, a rock and roll show, just to name a few. Cameron James has so many shows because he believes that the more you have, the more work you can get, but to him it doesn’t even feel like a job because he enjoys singing so much, and he actually considers himself a retired man.

He loves seeing all the happy smiling faces in the audience during his performances, and also enjoys working alongside his friend Mickey Lewis, with whom he works with in his tribute bands, as well as his wife in the Erasure tribute, and nothing could be better than that.

Cameron James’ shows:

Erasure Tribute:

Every Tuesday and Sunday at Tropical at 11pm.

Robbie Williams tribute:

Every Tuesday at 9pm at The White Star

Cameron James show:

Most days (various times) at The Crown

Every Saturday at 11pm at The White Star

80’s show:

Every Thursday at Tropical