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Aisha Nicole

Aisha knew she wanted to be a singer from a very young age, and took part in different auditions trying to achieve it (she even got into the top 30 to be a part of UK’s pop group Atomic Kitten at the age of 12!).

At 13 she moved to Benidorm, and as she grew older she started falling out of love with the idea of becoming a singer, and started working other jobs. But eventually, encouraged by her family and husband, and helped by her boss at the time who would give her day-time shifts so she could perform at night, she became one of the main Benidorm’s fabulous singers, being booked for three shows a night six nights a week.

When she started as a singer she used to do a mix of songs, but when the tribute craze hit Benidorm, she put together her first tribute show performing the songs of Adele, which is still up to date her main show. She also does tributes to Dolly Parton, Kelly Clarkson, Sia, and performs as the bearded lady in Benidorm’s tribute to The Greatest Showman.

Aisha believes that there isn’t any other place in Europe where you can get the great level of entertainment that you get here in Benidorm for free, and that there’s a good reason why so many tourists come over every year. Aisha genuinely says that she loves her job, she really loves being able to perform for a living.


Rockerfellas every night 8pm.