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Andy Berry

Andy Berry has been in the entertainment industry practically all his life. He got into the Canterbury Cathedral Choir School at the age of 10 and has done singing and acting jobs for many years.

He's appeared in English series like ‘Three Up Two Down’ or ‘Casualty’, and was also featured in 'Benidorm' Series with his show The Rodfather. He’s also worked in different bands, getting to tour with the English group Showaddywaddy for some years, and has even performed in the London Palladium.

He loves Benidorm since he first visited the city while on holiday at the age of 6, and he finally moved over 22 years ago. He started singing in hotels, because he recalls that there were very few singing jobs around back then, but he’s now got his main show The Rodfather, which is a tribute to Rod Stewart; an Elton John tribute, which he very much enjoys because he gets to play the piano; and many other projects coming up.

Andy always says that it’s not about what you’ve done in the past, but about what you’re doing now, and right now he’s happy with performing his shows in Benidorm and wouldn’t change it for the world. He also believes that he’s already reached the pinnacle of his career, and if he dies tomorrow he’d be happy with what he’s accomplished.