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Believe it or not, Anoff actually comes from a science background and didn’t think about becoming a singer until his brother Kojo asked him to. The initial idea was to come over to Benidorm for 3 months to sing alongside his brother in a show he was putting together called the Motown Soul Brothers, and it ended up turning into nearly 20 years!

Although Anoff isn’t a total stranger to the entertainment industry, as he has also worked as a DJ in different parts of Europe. Even so, he doesn’t regret the decision to move over to Benidorm to be a singer at all, because he says that this job makes him happier than anything else he’s done in the past.

He’s currently doing a tribute to The Drifters which has been going for 14 years now, alongside his brother Kojo and Mark Anthony, who he’s known since he was a child. The chemistry between them is so great, that they believe it reflects on the audience and makes them enjoy the show as much as they do. He also believes he’s very lucky because he never gets nervous when on stage, no matter how many people there’s in the audience he always remains calm and enjoys himself. But Anoff’s favourite part about being a performer is definitely getting the opportunity to meet the people who have watched and liked his show, and although years go by, he still keeps in touch regularly with some of them and has become good friends with many.

You can catch the Tribute to The Drifters:

Everyday at Talk of the coast (except Thursdays)

Tuesdays at Jokers at 11pm

Saturdays at Jokers at 10pm

Sundays at Cafe Benidorm at 10pm