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Héctor Gibert

Héctor was born in Santiago de Chile and grew up in the bohemian neighbourhood. At the age of 14 he started playing the guitar and writing songs, but it wasn't until he was 20, when left to study abroad, that he realised that music was his passion and that he wanted to pursue it professionally.

He started by forming a rock and roll band that played around the university and became quite popular, he even got the opportunity to meet some of the area's emblematic bands, such as Santo Barrio and Los Miserables. Héctor remembers it as a good time in his life filled with poetry and music. Later on he formed a duo called Duo Intermezzo, and that’s when his current manager spotted him and offered him to take part in a group formed by many artists here in Benidorm. At first he wasn’t very keen on the idea, but once he got to know the city and saw how many incredible artists there were around, he finally accepted.

So for 10 years now Héctor has been part of a group made up of many artists where the manager organises different shows and decides which artist would fit the role best. Right now he’s doing a tribute to Il Divo, where he always tries to incorporate some comedy to the show so everyone in the audience can enjoy it, and also continues with his initial show of Duo Intermezzo with which he performs all over the world. He dedicates his free time to writing songs, as well as being part of a band called La Migrand Band. Héctor admits he’s sometimes cried on stage while performing out of emotion, because he loves what he does and loves to bring joy, hope, inspiration and memories to the audience.

Schedule Il Divo:

Monday: Tropical; Tuesday: Tommy's; Wednesday: Hotel Don Pancho (possibly) and Hotel Riviera (possibly); Thursday: Ambassador Hotel; Saturday: Hotel Riviera (possibly); Sunday: Café Benidorm (possibly)

Schedule Duo Intermezzo:
Tuesday: Hotel Flash