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Kojo believes he started his way up to becoming a singer thanks to his dad, who used to sing and play the guitar around the house and that influenced him. He started singing in school choirs, and when he grew older, he became a part of the London Community Gospel Choir, touring around the world with them and doing some back-up singing for many pop and rock stars, like Mariah Carey. What’s more, when he was 26, he got a record deal and got the chance to go to Los Angeles to record his singles!

He first came to Benidorm nearly 20 years ago to do a summer season with a show called the Motown Soul Brothers. He was looking for a more regular job, and even though it’s challenging because you have to keep pushing yourself to stay where you are, he liked Benidorm as a city to work in as a performer, so he moved over for good.

He’s currently doing a tribute to The Drifters, and he’s trying to get his tribute to Stylistics back on stage again, which was featured in 'Benidorm' TV show and used to do a tour every winter around the UK. For Kojo, the best part of being a singer is the feeling he gets when he’s had a satisfying vocal performance, together with putting on a good show, it makes him feel very good with himself.

You can catch the Tribute to The Drifters:

Everyday at Talk of the coast (except Thursdays)

Tuesdays at Jokers at 11pm

Saturdays at Jokers at 10pm

Sundays at Cafe Benidorm at 10pm