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Maiki’s from Estonia and has been on stage practically since she started talking. She did her first TV performance at the age of 4, and studied general music studies for 4 years, where she learnt how to play the piano although her main instrument was the accordion. She’s lived in many different countries while being involved in different music projects like performing on cruise ships, in different hotels, playing in bands, etc., and finally moved to Benidorm around 2010.

When she started performing here she began with shows based on a mix of songs, until she eventually started her Pink tribute two years later and then incorporated a Donna Summer tribute some years after that. She recalls that at first she struggled because interpreting another artist was totally the opposite of what they had taught her during her music studies, where they encourage you to be unique and different from the rest. But being in Benidorm, tributes is what works best and she’s now happy with what she does.

Even though Maiki puts a lot of pressure on herself to be liked by the audience, she really enjoys engaging with the people and making them have a good time. She’s also very friendly and approachable, and likes to take time after her shows to stay around and meet the people in the audience, have a chat with them, and take some pictures.

Donna Summer tribute:

Sinatra’s Premium on Mondays and Fridays at 9pm

Pink tribute:

Jokers on Thurdays at 10pm

Valentines most night

Abba tribute:

The Red Lion 2, Cafe Benidorm