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Martin Kay

Martin’s mum was a professional singer and when he was young he used to tour around with her, so since he was little and whilst he was growing up he has always been involved in the music industry, working as a sound engineer, going on tour with great bands like UB40 or Showaddywaddy to name a few, until he became a performer himself.

At one point Martin was looking for somewhere to keep on pursuing his career as a performer, so when he discovered Benidorm and its great entertainment scene, he really liked it and knew it would be a great place for him and his family. He first moved over to Torrevieja and only travelled to Benidorm to perform a few times a week, but he eventually moved over 2 years ago so he could do more gigs. Martin really loves his job, and believes it’s because he gets to sing songs he genuinely likes.

He currently has two shows going on, a tribute to The Dualers and a show called One Love reggae show, and he’s also a DJ and a karaoke host at Picadilly’s. He started doing the tribute to The Dualers about 5 years ago, but before he started he contacted the real band to make sure it was okay if he put on a tribute act to their music. The manager of the band actually flew out to Benidorm to watch one of Martin’s shows and gave him their approval on being an official tribute to The Dualers. He now does the show with his colleague Simon and they’re both very grateful for all the endorsement that the real Dualers have done for them, like letting them use their official logo or sending them their backing tracks.