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Mickey Lewys

Mickey has always been into music and is very talented, since he has self-taught himself to play the keyboard, and also plays the bass, the guitar, the saxophone, and a little bit of drums. He used to play in a band with the teachers when he was at school, and when he left he got straight into the music industry and has never had a job that wasn’t show-related.

He started playing in bands and doing summer seasons, and then joined a comedy band until each member went their separate ways. Mickey started performing on his own alternating between singing some songs and telling some jokes, until he eventually just stuck to the comedy part of it. He decided to come over to Benidorm because the summer seasons in the UK stopped being as good as they used to, and he knew many of the acts that were here and also knew that the city’s entertainment business was big.

He established himself as a comedian, focusing on old-school comedy, more suitable for an older audience, especially because he incorporates many “do you remember when” into his shows. But about 6 years ago he wanted to try something different and started playing again. He began by putting together a 70’s show as well as continuing with his comedy show, and later on joined a couple different tribute acts, a tribute to Bay City Rollers and a tribute to Erasure. He does both of these tributes with Cameron James, and Mickey enjoys working alongside his friend and having a laugh with him on stage, he says it’s a great way to make a living.

Erasure Tribute:

Every Tuesday and Sunday at Tropical at 11pm.