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Nikki Miller

Nikki’s half English and half Spanish, and even though she was born in the UK, she moved over with her family to Benidorm when she was just 3 months old. Her dad is a musician, so she knows that that’s the reason behind her passion for music. However, when she was younger she was very shy and didn’t want anyone, not even her parents, to watch her sing. So it was a total shock when at 19 years old she decided to get a job as a singer for the weekends, and she enjoyed it so much that she made it her full-time job, putting on shows at hotels and bars.

In 2007 she took part in a show at Benidorm Palace featuring Danny La Rue, and realised she wanted to focus on musicals and perform in theatres, so she moved over to Blackpool where she lived for 10 years. This is where her tribute to Barbra Straisand began, so when she finally moved back over to Benidorm in 2019, she focused on this tribute act because she knew she'd get work with it.

As well as a Barbra Straisand tribute, she also does a tribute to Kylie Minogue and takes part in The Greatest Showman tribute. Additionally, she’s got a soul, motown and northern soul show that goes by the name of Soul Girl. Although she’s now focusing on soul and northern soul music, she’s a great fan of Freddie Mercury, as well as the We Will Rock You musical, and she actually believes that her interest in this artist and his music is what inspired her to want to do the same and become a singer. By being a performer she feels that she gets appreciated and it’s a very satisfying job for her, and she loves it when people are happy while watching her show and sing along to the songs.

Barbra Streisand tribute:

Buddies Bar, Philippines 10, Riviera Music Lounge, Don Pancho Hotel and Ambassador Hotel.

Kylie Minogue tribute:

Morgan’s Tavern and Philippines 10

Soul Girl show:

Tropical, Philippines 10, 3B48 Soul Bar, Riviera Music Lounge and Hotel Ambassador

The Greatest Showgirls:

Philippines 10