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Reno has always loved music, so when he finished his studies at 18, he started looking for people who had the same musical interests as him, and that's how the group New Boys started in the year 2000. They received a lot of support and had the opportunity to become professionals through auditions with different companies, and were even signed up to a music school for 3 years by the company that represented them, so they could perfect their skills, in Reno's case, to become a singer. The group got a contract to perform in a bar called Cuba Café in Sweden, and after that they moved to Spain to continue pursuing their music career. They then had the opportunity to audition for the Spanish version of The X Factor in 2008, and they met a guy that suggested they move over to Benidorm so they could perform on a regular basis.

When Reno arrived in Benidorm in 2009 with his group New Boys, it was easy for them to work their way into the city’s entertainment scene thanks to having been on the programme. They started singing a mix of popular motown and soul songs, and little by little they were able to consolidate their position as artists in Benidorm, and now they even write their own songs. Recently, he was asked to put together a tribute for UB40, so Reno and two other artists formed a group called Cujam. Being able to project his energy onto the audience, and that they transmit theirs to him, thus creating a connection between singer and audience, is what Reno loves most about his job.

You can catch the tribute to UB40 tribute band:

Mondays at 11pm in Jokers

Tuesdays at 10pm in Jokers, and at 11pm in Sinatra’s Premium

Wednesdays at 11pm in Jokers

Fridays at 11pm in Jokers

Saturdays at 10pm in Jokers, and at 11pm in Sinatra’s Premium

Sundays at 11pm in Jokers

New Boys:

Café Benidorm: Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10pm