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Sian has always wanted to be a singer for a living, but ended up falling into normal jobs until she discovered Benidorm’s entertainment scene. She first came over on holiday in 2011, but when she got back to England, she realised that Benidorm was the place for her, so she spent a year saving up to finally move here in 2012. She did struggle at the beginning due to her lack of confidence, so she she started off with a job as a karaoke host to get used to interacting with the audience, and at the same time she started doing an ABBA tribute. But she eventually got into Benidorm’s tribute circuit with the Sister Act tribute that she still does to this day.

Sian enjoys her job so much, it doesn’t even feel like a job to her, and she’s also very friendly and doesn’t mind stopping and taking pictures with people who have liked the show. She currently has many different shows that suit all types of audiences: she’s part of the group One Vision who perform the ‘We Will Rock You’ tribute, inspired in the musical that’s based on Queen’s songs; she’s part of a tribute to the ‘Rocky Horror Show’; a tribute to ‘The Commitments’ musical; and she also does a solo show performing as Whitney Houston. As you can see, she’s got plenty of shows for all types of audiences!

One Vision tribute to We Will Rock You musical:

Tuesdays: Cafe B at 10pm

Wednesdays: Don Pancho Hotel at 10pm and Tropical at 11pm

Thursdays: Whitestar at 11pm

Saturdays: Tropical at 10pm and Whitestar at 11pm



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