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Benidorm Fest 2024 Concludes with Record Viewership and Dominates Saturday Prime Time

Almost 5.2 million people watched the programme at some point, with a 16.6% share. Nebulossa wins the Bronze Microphone and will represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Benidorm Fest 2024 Concludes with Record Viewership and Dominates Saturday Prime Time

The grand finale of Benidorm Fest has made a splash across Spanish screens, captivating nearly 2 million live viewers and comfortably topping the Saturday prime time audience charts. The broadcast on La 1 of TVE scored an impressive 16.6% share, with a total reach of 5.2 million individuals who tuned in at some point during the evening. Nebulossa triumphed, securing the coveted Bronze Microphone and the privilege of representing Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö.

Beyond television success, Benidorm Fest has soared in the digital realm, trending nationally and globally on social media 'X' with 187,932 mentions and engagement from 25 different countries. Streaming statistics reflect the fervor on platforms such as Spotify and YouTube, where tracks from the finalists have garnered millions of plays, with Nebulossa leading the pack.

The impact of the songs and artists participating in BenidormFest's final is also very remarkable on the main music playback platforms. On Spotify, the eight finalist songs have already reached 6,633,707 plays. Of all of them, the group Nebulossa, winners of this grand final with their song 'Zorra', are well ahead of the participants, with more than 2.2 million listens. Behind them are Almácor (873K), St Pedro (839K), Sofía Coll (837K) and Miss Caffeina (539K).On the other hand, on the YouTube platform, the number of reproductions of the contestants of the final gala now totals 4,194,210 reproductions, and of these, the winner by far is once again Nebulossa, who accumulates 1.9 million.

The audience's engagement was overwhelming, with nearly 26,000 calls and SMS votes cast, showing strong support for Nebulossa, who also excelled in the demographic votes. This musical event resonated not just on air and online, but also filled the streets and venues of Benidorm, affirming the festival as a cultural event of the highest caliber, fully integrated into the life and spirit of the city.