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Benidorm's taxis have introduced a new mobile application for requesting their services.

"The new application will allow you to access all the information and make bookings through your mobile device completely free of charge."

Benidorm's taxis have introduced a new mobile application for requesting their services.

Benidorm's taxis are set to incorporate a pioneering application that will allow users to request a service via their mobile phones and provide various preliminary information, such as the number of available vehicles closest to their location, the price of the journey they are about to make, the estimated time of arrival from one point to another, or the 'extras' that each vehicle can offer, such as the possibility of charging mobile phones during the journey, transporting pets, or listening to music.

This tool will provide both users and taxi drivers with more facilities and greater security. A total of 224 vehicles, out of the 232 taxi licenses granted by the City Council in the city, will begin to use this system in the coming days, complementing the telephone service provided by Radio Taxi.

The app is called TaxiCoin, and, following a pilot test conducted with a small group of taxis in Madrid over a period of six months, Benidorm will be the first city where it will be fully implemented. It can be downloaded through Android and IOS, and both the download and use are completely free.

Requesting a taxi through this application will not result in any change in fares. Additionally, users will be able to use TaxiCoin in both Spanish and English, with French and German languages soon to be added as well.