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Benidorm, Epicenter of Innovation and Sustainability: Host of the Next EASA Assembly

The European Association for Architectural Students Assembly brings together over 400 individuals from 30 different countries

Benidorm, Epicenter of Innovation and Sustainability: Host of the Next EASA Assembly

This summer, Benidorm proudly hosts the European Assembly of Architecture Students (EASA), an event that will transform the city into a vibrant forum of ideas and innovative projects from July 28th to August 11th. Close to 400 young talents from around thirty countries will converge in Benidorm to participate in workshops, debates, and analyses of the city's urban model, as well as to organize audiovisual experiences and interact directly with the local community.

With 43 years of history, the EASA originated in Liverpool in 1981 as a student initiative in response to a teacher strike, and has since become the largest gathering of its kind in Europe, connecting architecture students from across the continent and Latin America. The choice of Benidorm for this prestigious meeting is no coincidence: the city is recognized for its commitment to innovation, its eco-sustainable development model, and its unique aesthetics, which include the efficient use of space through its characteristic vertical architecture.

Furthermore, Benidorm stands out for its singularity, with award-winning promenades and urban parks, emphasizing the integration of technology, sustainability, and universal accessibility. As the world's first certified Smart Tourist Destination, Benidorm represents the forefront of urbanism and architecture, serving as a living laboratory where future architects and urban planners can learn and find inspiration.

This will be only the second time in 43 years that the assembly is held in Spain, and the first time in the Valencian Community, highlighting Benidorm not only as an excellent tourist destination but also as a reference in sustainable urbanism and innovative architecture. This year's assembly promises to be an enriching meeting point for the exchange of ideas and experiences, further consolidating Benidorm's position on the international stage of design and sustainability.