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Benidorm turns off some of its most emblematic spaces to support 'Earth Hour'

The seafront promenades, El Tossal, La Cruz, El Castell, and the facade of the Town Hall join this global action to raise awareness about the environmental degradation of the planet

Benidorm turns off some of its most emblematic spaces to support 'Earth Hour'

The city of Benidorm once again commits to sustainability and joins the 'Earth Hour' initiative promoted by WWF, which proposes turning off the lights of the most emblematic spaces worldwide for 60 minutes as a symbol of the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss. This initiative, 'Earth Hour,' originated 18 years ago in Sydney and will be celebrated this year on March 23rd from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

The locations that the city will turn off to join the initiative include: El Tossal, El Castell, the facade of the Town Hall, the monument of La Cruz de la Serra Gelada, the ornamental lighting on the wall of Poniente Promenade, and the decorative lighting on Levante Promenade, thus drawing the attention of residents and tourists to the environmental degradation our planet is facing.

Benidorm is a leading city in sustainability, both in its design and management, constantly promoting and implementing measures to combat climate change. Therefore, the city's participation in initiatives like this is not surprising.

Among the sustainability actions carried out by the city, just in terms of energy, for example, years ago we began the renovation of the lighting and public illumination of the city with the aim of implementing LED technology in most lighting points in Benidorm to reduce consumption and CO2 emissions and improve lighting conditions. Other projects include the installation of solar panels on municipal buildings, public schools, social centers, or sports facilities to generate their own electricity, which has also significantly reduced emissions and energy consumption.

So far, according to WWF data, 395 municipalities in Spain -49 of them from the Valencian Community-, 81 organizations, and 113 companies have joined the 'Earth Hour' campaign, including a hotel chain from the city.

Citizens can also individually participate in this hour without light on Saturday. Finally, WWF reminds us that 'the past year has been the warmest in history since records began. This increase in global temperatures has resulted in extreme weather phenomena such as floods, heatwaves, and increasingly frequent devastating fires, indicating ample evidence of the climate crisis. In this context, 'Earth Hour' provides people around the world with the opportunity to demonstrate their concern for the environmental degradation of the planet (global warming, loss of nature, pollution) and highlight the need for action.