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The largest European tour operator, 'TUI,' awards RH Hotels

TUI includes 5 of its hotels on the list of the best-rated in the world, awarding them the TUI Global Hotel Awards 2024

The largest European tour operator, 'TUI,' awards RH Hotels

The RH Royal, RH Princesa, RH Victoria, and RH Corona del Mar hotels in Benidorm, as well as RH Ifach in Calpe, have been distinguished in the list of the most appreciated by their customers by receiving the prestigious TUI Global Hotel Awards for the year 2024. These awards recognize excellence in service and customer satisfaction, reflecting RH Hotels' commitment to providing exceptional experiences to its visitors.

Guest evaluations and hotel satisfaction ratings are the criteria used by the TUI Group to grant this distinction, thus highlighting RH Hotels' commitment to customer satisfaction.

TUI Group is a leading company in the global tourism sector, with a presence in over 100 destinations and a wide range of brands and tourist services. As one of the world's leading tour operators, TUI strives to offer exceptional and satisfying travel experiences. The TUI Global Hotel Awards are highly valued in the hotel industry, as they are awarded by one of the most influential players in the sector, making receiving a TUI award a true honor and testament to the quality and satisfaction offered by a hotel.

This year, a total of 30 Spanish hotels have been awarded in various destinations, of which 5 are owned by RH Hotels.

The recognition in the TUI Global Hotel Awards 2024 underscores RH Hotels' constant commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, while contributing to the tourist prestige of the Valencian Community.
With a wide range of services and excellent locations in attractive tourist destinations in the Valencian Community, RH Hotels offers different types of accommodation, all with the same goal of providing service and hospitality that satisfy travelers from all over.