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The Museu Boca del Calvari exhibits Miguel Calatayud's 'A world of its own'.

The exhibition, which includes illustrations, posters, comics and projections, will be in the city until the end of July.

The Museu Boca del Calvari exhibits Miguel Calatayud's 'A world of its own'.

The Boca del Calvari Museum in Benidorm presents the outstanding exhibition "A world of its own" by the renowned Alicante illustrator Miguel Calatayud. This exhibition arises as a natural extension of a previous exhibition on Alicante illustration, held in 2022 in the same city. During that event, a colleague and close friend of Calatayud's highlighted how Benidorm and its vibrant leisure scenes resonate with the visual and thematic style of "La Pista Atlántica", one of Calatayud's most emblematic works.

The exhibition is strategically distributed over several floors of the museum. On floor -1, visitors can enjoy a selection of illustrations that tell captivating visual stories. The first floor is dedicated to graphic design and posters, displaying a variety of comics, posters and illustrations. The ground floor is devoted entirely to the work related to "La Pista Atlántica". Finally, on the first floor, adaptations based on his graphic novel "El pie frito" are projected, offering visitors a unique multimedia experience.

This exhibition not only celebrates the talent of Miguel Calatayud, but also highlights the fusion of art and leisure that characterises both his work and the cultural essence of Benidorm.