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Terra Mítica kicks off its twenty-fourth season.

Terra Mítica will reopen its doors on May 17th.

Terra Mítica kicks off its twenty-fourth season.

The Mediterranean theme park is gearing up to start a new season, which will kick off on Friday, May 17th and run until November 3rd. Terra Mítica is set to thrill once again with its over thirty attractions ranging from high-adrenaline rides like Syncope and Titanide, to family-friendly ones such as Icarus or the Port of Alexandria. For the little ones, the Benidorm leisure complex features exclusive areas such as the one in Rome, with attractions like Ayquesustus, and Cuca Park in Greece.

Additionally, the youngsters have attractions "tailored to their size," replicas of the "big brother" rides of the park. This includes Akuatiti, a mini version of the Nile Falls; or Syncopín, a smaller version of the large pendulum, Syncope. The indoor rides are also among the most celebrated by Terra Mítica's visitors. In this regard, the Labyrinth of the Minotaur stands out for its meticulous theming and the nearly 80 animatronics that are found throughout the twelve scenes that make up the attraction.

Besides the rides, the shows are the soul of the park. Large-scale performances with undeniable richness add a distinctive touch to the park, which aims to tell history like no other. Epic, musical, comedic, children’s, or magic shows. The performances at Terra Mítica leave no one indifferent, as is the case with "Spartacus: Honor and Courage" or "Dreams of Egypt" among many others.