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Humour returns to Benidorm with the monologues of 'Bavallons Comedy'.

The local club brings Grison Beatbox, Jaime Caravaca, and Makeba to the Colci Cinemas on May 18th, in collaboration with the Department of Culture.

The ninth edition of 'Bavallons Comedy' will take place on the upcoming Saturday, May 18th, promising an evening filled with good humour. This event, organised by the Bavallons club with the collaboration of the Department of Culture, will be held at the Colci Cinemas starting at 8 PM.

The event will be hosted by Makeba from Granada, who is expected to deliver a particularly surprising performance as the master of ceremonies. Grison Beatbox and Jaime Caravaca will present a unique comedy and beatbox show, featuring combined skits, live dubbing, Grison's impossible songs, and above all, a great deal of humour in a participative and lively setting.

If you wish to purchase tickets, they are available online at:


Humour returns to Benidorm with the monologues of 'Bavallons Comedy'.

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