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Benidorm Launches Recycling Point for Beach Items on Levante Beach

An innovative initiative invites tourists to leave behind lilos, hammocks, umbrellas, inflatables, and other beach items they no longer need, allowing these to be reused by other visitors.

Benidorm Launches Recycling Point for Beach Items on Levante Beach

Benidorm has launched an eco-friendly initiative promoting the circular economy on its beaches, giving a second life to beach items. This Tuesday saw the introduction of the first recycling point on Levante Beach, located near the Biblioplaya at the intersection of Madrid and Europa Avenues. This point, signposted in Spanish, Valencian, and English, will allow bathers to deposit lilos, hammocks, inflatables, umbrellas, and other items in good condition for reuse by other tourists.

The aim of this initiative is to reduce the abandonment of these items in bins and accommodations, thereby contributing to environmental sustainability. According to local authorities, countless items that have been used only once are discarded each year. The initiative will soon be extended to other points across Benidorm's three main beaches.

Additionally, the recycling points have been constructed using recycled materials from the beaches during the pandemic, such as stakes and nets used for social distancing measures. Items not suitable for reuse will be appropriately managed and disposed of by the concessionary company.