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The Valencian Community and Benidorm's Smart Office Receive Recognition at the Digital Tourist Congress

During the Digital Tourist Congress, held at the Benidorm Cultural Centre, the Valencian Community was honoured for its leadership in tourism intelligence, while Benidorm's Smart Office was highlighted as a success story in Intelligent Tourist Destination (ITD) management.

The Valencian Community and Benidorm's Smart Office Receive Recognition at the Digital Tourist Congress

The Digital Tourist Congress, currently taking place at the Benidorm Cultural Centre, has awarded significant recognitions to both the Valencian Community and Benidorm's Smart Office. This event, which gathers experts and professionals from the sector to discuss innovation and technology in tourism, has highlighted the commitment and achievements of these entities in intelligent tourism management.

In a ceremony held during the morning’s lectures and panel discussions, the Valencian Community was recognised for its pioneering role in tourism intelligence. The representative of the region's Innovation, Industry, Commerce, and Tourism department emphasised the importance of public-private collaboration as the key to success in this field, describing tourism as a “blessing for our economy and our society” and a “source of freedom”.

Simultaneously, the Secretary of State for Tourism praised Benidorm's Smart Office as a “success story in our territory” in terms of intelligent tourism management and digital transition. During her visit to the municipal Smart Office facilities, accompanied by the Mayor of Benidorm and other local representatives, the Secretary of State commended the tools used by the city for ITD management and underscored the significance of the intelligent platform for tourist destinations that will be based in Benidorm.

The Mayor of Benidorm highlighted that public-private collaboration in the Smart Office reaches levels that are aspired to by many other destinations. He pointed out that from the outset, Benidorm understood the importance of putting data in the hands of tourism managers, both public and private, to devise efficient and competitive strategies in the management of resources and services.

This dual recognition at the Digital Tourist Congress reaffirms the position of the Valencian Community and Benidorm as leaders in implementing intelligent solutions for tourism. Both cases demonstrate their ability to adapt and thrive in a competitive and ever-evolving tourism environment, promoting a sustainable tourism model from environmental, social, and economic perspectives.

In a round table titled 'Circular Economy and Sustainability in the Tourism Industry', Benidorm showcased its commitment to sustainability and smart tourism management. Projects mentioned included data analysis to measure territorial impacts and making informed decisions between the administration and the private sector. New initiatives were presented, such as the first recycling point on Levante Beach and the regeneration of the Cantera del Racó de l’Infern in the Parc Natural de la Serra Gelada. The collaboration between hotels to reuse furniture and other items in good condition was also highlighted. Additionally, the importance of efficient water management and research into water reuse for various purposes was emphasised. Turisme Comunitat Valenciana is working on a sustainable tourism strategy and aims to become certified as a sustainable destination.