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Nebulossa joins the winners of the Benidorm Fest at the Music Viewpoint

The group from Ondara now shares their place with previous winners, Chanel and Blanca Paloma

Nebulossa joins the winners of the Benidorm Fest at the Music Viewpoint

María Bas and Mark Dasousa, known as Nebulossa, have been crowned winners of the Benidorm Fest 2024. As of yesterday, their name is part of the Benidorm Music Walk, having been added to the totem shaped like the Bronze Microphone that identifies the festival. This is located on Tamarindos Walk.

The group from Ondara thus joins Chanel (2022) and Blanca Paloma (2023), in a walkway dedicated to the artists who have won the Siren-shaped trophy of the Spanish Song Festival of Benidorm (1959-2006) and the current Benidorm Fest, with which Spain selects its representative for the Eurovision Song Contest.

As part of the morning presentation of the fourth edition of Benidorm Fest, which will take place in 2025, the afternoon was dedicated to the 'Benidorm Fest Chill Out', a more intimate event centred on the city. This event featured prominent local representatives, as well as numerous members of local associations.

The Director of Communication and Participation of RTVE, María Eizaguirre, presented the event, where Almácor, St. Pedro, and Nebulossa performed the songs they defended at Benidorm Fest: 'Brillos platino', 'Dos extraños (cuarteto de cuerda)', and 'Zorra'.

Nebulossa's bronze plaque was placed below the name of the previous year's winner, Blanca Paloma, completing their tribute on the Music Walk.

The Music Walk thus adds a new name, paying tribute to the artists who have triumphed in Benidorm and project its name beyond its borders, highlighting Benidorm's close connection with the arts, especially music.